Forty hours off-line shock, horror, misery

Fault finally tracked down to the modem. Which will now, with persuasion, talk to the ISP server and to the laptop but not to the wireless thingy. Still, being tethered by a cable is a very very great deal better than no internet at all. And the children are probably better off without it, although they of course don’t think so.

I was not better off without it. I was sad. Miserable. Bereft. When on holiday one expects not to have it. At home one does. (The internet of course. Before anyone sniggers and suggests that I’ve got those two the wrong way round.) And it is, and has long been, a very important part of my life. The internet. My social, intellectual, emotional and creative life. A necessity, not a luxury then.

Two days without being able to go online, however, meant a lot of knitting got done. The scarf is finished.

scarf finished

It was a lovely journey. We meandered through woodland of coniferous and deciduous green and rowan berry red; had a rather volcanic session with sulphurous scarlet and glinting amethyst; pottered through an iznik palette of turquoise and orange and roamed over a highland glen of heather and bracken. Amongst other combinations. The colours aren’t actually as bright as they appear on the above picture, taken on the mobile using its flash. (Still no word as to the well-being of the camera.) But it will have to do since it’s off into the post it goes tomorrow.

No excuse now not to start the Austenesque.


6 Comments on “Forty hours off-line shock, horror, misery”

  1. Dave says:

    Glad you’re back! We’ve discovered the hard way: when the connection fails, it’s usually in the modem. Though lately we’ve been having some line problems, too. It’s always something.

    Lovely scarf.

  2. maria says:

    Whew, glad you’re back online! It really does feel almost like oxygen deprivation when the line is gone, doesn’t it?

    By the way, modems are notorious for causing problems. I learned the hard way too!

  3. acb says:

    Iznik? I had to look it up; now I know it will never be the Iznick Creed to me. Welcome back to the land of the living.

  4. Tall Girl says:

    It is beautiful. And I am happy you are reconnected too

  5. beth says:

    Gorgeous. Makes me almost wish for an internet outage! (Very glad you’re back.)

  6. rr says:

    Thanks all. Still not wireless but any connection is a good connection in my book 🙂 (especially my MacBook – boom boom!)

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