Cat update (with a knitted tail)

He had three more injections at the vet’s this morning, two pills and some kaoline paste. She was encouraged that he’d eaten a little last night. Said we could hold off on the drip until this afternoon and if he ate more during the day then maybe he wouldn’t need one at all.

Eating – refused sardines this morning before going to the vet. Deigned, some hours after we got back home, to eat something resembling duck paté but only when fed to him in a small, pre-warmed dish placed on the chair under the table he was occupying having earlier refused it from his bowl at room temperature on the floor. Hg – please attempt the most humiliating caption possible, although I’m afraid this isn’t a very inspiring picture.

cat eats

Puking – zero.

Crapping – twice, noisome and viscous at best but no sign of blood.

Vet bill to date – £356.41

Chances of saving money by cancelling pet insurance – zero.

Chances of Cat living on duck paté for the rest of his life – zero.

Chances of Cat ending up as cardigan trimming if he doesn’t go back to eating cheap dried food – very high indeed.

Despite the suggestion from acb below that it is demeaning not to knit a garment purpose designed for a cat-fur trim I am still of the opinion that the current WIP (the austenesque) would be ideal for such adornment. The yarn in question is thick and warm and has a multitude of white hairs in its makeup which would be well accentuated by Cat pelt, as can be seen in the picture below.

austenesque wip back

For those of a knitting disposition – the Kochoran tension square came up at 14 sts x 20 rows to 10cms on 6mm needles, so close to that of the recommended yarn (Louisa Harding Castello, 15 sts x 20 rows) that I started in good heart on the recommended needles. It may end up a little wider than the advertised garment but that is definitely a fault on the right side.


9 Comments on “Cat update (with a knitted tail)”

  1. Hg says:

    This might be a bit obscure, but I’ll give it a go…


  2. rr says:

    Hahahaha. Very good. I like it 🙂 His fate as trimming, I take it.

  3. Hg says:

    Damn, I missed the opportunity for a tricoteuse joke.

  4. rr says:

    Defarge? In fact the knitting was on the tabletop above him. Should have included it in the picture. I think I’ve got one of his razor rash which I shall flickr soonest.

  5. maria says:

    Oooh, nice work-in-progress! And, looking at the two photos, it seems you won’t have any problems with blending in the trim with the body! 🙂

  6. Pica says:

    Beautiful, beautiful yarn, rr! This is going to be gorgeous! Sorry about the ailing kit. Hope he’s on the mend.

  7. beth says:

    You really are very, very funny. We used to threaten Madonna with becoming a hat, but I like cardigan-trim much better. The knitting is gorgeous, by the way. And have you a romantic skirt picked out to go with it? It will look great with jeans, actually.

  8. Lucy says:

    Oh dear! I’ve been so busy with poor ailing pooch I haven’t been keeping up, now you’ve got a sickly animal of company of your own… I think we might have to cancel Christmas this year if the vet’s bills keep going on as they do, and tell me all about overbred fancy pets with design faults…
    The knitting is beautiful but by the sound of his condition he wouldn’t make a very attractive addition to it, can’t you send him down to the park to catch his own ducks or something, if that’s what he fancies?
    All the best, and loads of love and good wishes.

  9. rr says:

    He’s spectacularly on the mend now, thank goodness. I underestimated quite how worried and upset I was by it all (and I knew I was both worried and upset) and it’s such a relief that he’s returning to his old self again.

    The yarn is lovely isn’t it. It’s thick and very, very soft. I think the finished garment will only be bearable in conditions of extreme cold. Yes, I think it will look good with jeans but I think I have a suitable swishy skirt to go with it should the occasion to wear such a thing ever arise.

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