Some pairs

The armwarmers adorn one arm each of two friends.


Two attempts to diagnose the macbook pro rattle. Is it a rattley cough (the fan) or a rattle of approaching death (the hard drive)?

can't you hear it?

seriously, it's making a weird noise

Two baubles from the rather attractive Christmas decorations in John Lewis on Oxford Street

huge green bauble

huge pink bauble

And two pictures of one rainbow.

rainbow 1

rainbow 2

Which do you prefer?

10 Comments on “Some pairs”

  1. Dave says:

    Screw the rainbow – what the hell is that in the foreground? A float from a physics parade?

    Computer rattles are certainly disconcerting, aren’t they? My desktop’s fan has just recently begun to sound hoarse; up until now it’s been inaudible.

  2. leslee says:

    OOh, I want arm warmers! I have monkey arms, too long for my coats so my wrists are always out in the cold. Those look quite wonderful.

    I like the bottom one. Such odd juxtapositions.

  3. Lucy says:

    I think I like the raindroppy one the better. The hands are lovely, slightly disconcerting as you expect it to be a pair of hands from one person. He has a nail-biting proplem though…

  4. Tall Girl says:

    whatever is that strange arrangement of inflated condoms? Surely this is not this year’s Oxford Street Xmas theme??

  5. acb says:

    Second rainbow; first bauble; first computer diagnosis, because you look in it as if you were getting the spark from god, or possibly handing it on to the mac. I worry about Tall Girl’s experience of condoms.

  6. rr says:

    Dave, Tall Girl, the inflated (teatless) condoms are indeed this year’s Regent Street Christmas lights (see here for another picture). I have to say that, for the first time ever, I find myself actually liking them. Although they’re all pink in the linked picture they actually change colours through a spectrum in a very pleasing manner.

    Leslee, is that a request? it can so easily be fulfilled if it is 🙂

    acb, further proof of the non-existence of god then, in that the noise has not yet ceased. Sigh.

    I prefer the second rainbow myself, but I was wondering whether anyone who hadn’t actually seen it would know it was there.

  7. alistair says:

    Look you loved the same Regent Street lights!

  8. dw says:

    I like Bauble 2 (makes me think of Pac Man and my youth, though I never played the game). Can’t say about the diagnosis – first is getting the spark, as mentioned, second is bowing in praise and homage to the possible source – inseparable and hilarious. I like both rainbows, but any rainbow will do – I live in the Southeastern US and very thirsty – for rainbows and brollies. I like both armwarmers equally and unequivocally.

  9. rr says:

    Thanks dw and readersguide. I’m unequivocal about the armwarmers too.

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