More knitting – this time with noises

My friend Jonathan Bee has, for many years, combined knitting, crochet and other fibre arts to make the most incredible wild and whacky garments. Now he’s branched out and has created a huge art installation – The Garden of Eden Reclaimed – incorporating found objects with his fibre creations.

The installation includes a Tower of Babel for which he commissioned our friend Alistair to write a piece of music to emerge from the structure. I prevailed on friends and former colleagues (and offspring) to provide some of the languages.

And here it is!

The installation itself is at The Canal Gallery, Holyoke, Massachusetts.


3 Comments on “More knitting – this time with noises”

  1. Jean says:

    It’s wonderful, isn’t it? Just unexpectedly totally exhilarating. I wish I could wander through the installation and listen.

  2. Fresca says:

    I feel I am being seduced into learning to knit…. Could these be messages from the universe? Looking at your friends sweaters, I thought, Of course! All sweaters could look like this. Why must we be so hard-edged?
    (I want to climb that knit ladder to the opening in the roof and out into the sky.)

  3. evve says:

    I wish I could go there too.

    Fresca… I’m not one to proselytise… OK, I am. Go for it!!

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