You know how to whistle, don't you?

Thank you, Oliver Postgate.

“When the BBC got the script, [they] rang me up and said ‘At the beginning of episode three, where the doors get stuck, Major Clanger says sod it, the bloody thing’s stuck again,'” he said. [At about 59″ in the video above.]

“‘You can’t say that on children’s television’ … I said ‘It’s not going to be said, it’s going to be whistled’, but [they] just said ‘But people will know!’ … If you watch the episode, the one where the rocket goes up and shoots down the Iron Chicken, Major Clanger kicks the door to make it work and his first words are ‘Sod it, the bloody thing’s stuck again’.”

Pissed off with the morning chorus of microsoft startup music that happened every day at work I swapped out the corporate drone on my computer and replaced it with the cluck of the iron chicken (she first arrives at 3’59” in the above video). It amused me greatly, particularly because it infuriated the boss who otherwise prided himself on his iconoclasm.

I promised a wonderful friend, also from work, that I’d knit him a clanger but he died before it was done.


4 Comments on “You know how to whistle, don't you?”

  1. Lucy says:

    My brother and I still debate the comparitive merits of The Clangers vis Noggin the Nog, I still come out infavour of the latter but it’s a close thing really.

    I’m saving this to luxuriate in tomorrow!

  2. Tall Girl says:

    This is soooo cool… Thanyou rr and thankyou Oliver P.

  3. Fresca says:

    The dog should have eaten…wasn’t it Wensleydale?
    But I suppose Stilton was all she could get, eh?
    Merry Christmas!
    Good for you for eating the olives.
    (I am responding to the twitters, of course.)

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