Dog knitting

Obviously a person such as myself was the target consumer of a book of knitting patterns for different breeds of dogs. Which is why the moment I saw a copy I snaffled it. In this case back in September at the I Knit weekender, along with some yarn for a Maizy.

And there the matter rested, until at Christmas my step mother gave me another copy of the book. My delight was genuine and luckily neither of the boys is sufficiently tuned into the finer grain of the knitting obsession to say “but don’t you…?” etc.

Turned out she wants to give her friend down the road, H, a knitted version of  H’s beloved dachshund, Charlotte. Luckily for me Charlotte is the same colours as Maizy, pretty much, but in reverse.


Photographs have finally arrived. Kapok for stuffing and pipe cleaners for legs (and maybe body too) are both in the post.

Having completed the back leg I can see how cleverly the colouring of the original is worked. Unfortunately Charlotte’s tan isn’t as extensive and she seems to be wire-coated, thus possessing a double coat, tan under and black over. This presents a challenge which I can either ignore or attempt to reproduce.

Doesn’t help that I’ve never met the dog. Nor that the tan is DK and the black 4-ply. Ah well. Challenges.

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