Dogsbody, dog’s breakfast

While knitting the body of the dog it occurred to me to wonder about the origin of the term.

It has little to do with dogs. The term was used to describe the pease pudding – dried split legumes boiled in a pudding cloth, possibly with salt pork – served to sailors in the Royal Navy. Convenience food in that the ingredients would not spoil on a long voyage. The name may refer to the shape of the end product or, who knows, the taste. It can’t have been too complimentary since the term took on the meaning of a person at the bottom of the hierarchy at the beck and call of all who does the most menial tasks.

The observant will have noticed that my dog’s body is a bit of a dog’s breakfast. One of the back legs is on backwards. How did that happen? But it’s too late (and I’m too lazy) to go back. I’m hoping careful sewing and stuffing will hide error. (And on the dread subject of sewing, look at all those ends! Screech!)

Mods so far: I’ve used the darker yarn, a 4ply, held double and the lighter colour, a dk, singly, but on the original small needles. It’s giving a good dense fabric which I hope will be tight enough to prevent the white stuffing showing through. It’s also enabled me to try to hint at Charlotte’s black overcoat / tan undercoat by using one strand of the darker yarn held with the lighter yarn on the edge of her belly. Probably doesn’t show up too well in the above photo. Also hoping to kitchener rather than sew the join along the length of the back. I’m trying to incorporate her colouring into the pattern (note the front legs, for instance), but if I lose concentration it all goes pear-shaped. I’ve just knitted the tummy entirely in the lighter colour, as per instructions, only to notice that she has a black chest. Rip. Redo.

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