Dog’s dinner…

…which apparently is a good thing, dog’s breakfast being the mess. I always thought both were pejorative so just goes to show one should only feed one’s canine companion at night. Neither Maizy nor Charlotte have the dog’s bollocks, of course.


Thank goodness she’s finished. The boys say the body is too long. The legs are, if I’m honest, like those of a particularly annoying café table – one is usually off the ground no matter what swivelling and twisting and leaning you do. This may or may not be related to the fact that one of the back ones is on back-to-front. The effort to convey the tan undercoat and black overcoat has a tendency to resemble some kind of rash. But the tail is a masterpiece and the collar is exactly the right shade of blue.


I used an intermediate brown for the ears since hers are neither black nor tan. It’s alpaca, so gives them a good silky feel too. The same intermediate brown for the eyes, black cotton for the nose and pupils.

It’s a relief to have finished – the sewing was agonising and I’m never good with deadlines. But a knitted Maizy is now more, not less, on the cards. She’d be a lot simpler being all one colour apart from the ears.

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