Another WIP-of-shame

This one so shameful its beginnings were not even recorded on ravelry at the time of its birth. A tea cosy for fb. Made out of a single skein of Colinette Point Five in shade Dali Vatican Pie and some very fat gorgeous needles and a free pattern (by Gerard? which I’ve now lost) all acquired while helping out on the I Knit London stand at the Ideal Home Exhibition some considerable time ago. Maybe a year and a quarter?


It was knitted in a great whoosh of enthusiasm which then stopped dead when, two halves in hand, I realised I had no idea how far to sew them up and where to leave the gaps and how wide the gaps should be. Not possessing a teapot of my own, you understand. Fortunately someone turned up at work with one exactly the right size (complicated story) which I then measured with a strip of paper, making pencil marks at the salient sewing points. Thus the ancient WIP was finally completed, coincidentally just in time for it to be presented in person rather than by post to the long-intended recipients.

There’s another one, a skein in autumn shades, of the same vintage, awaiting similar treatment. But that can’t be called a WIP since it hasn’t even been balled.

One Comment on “Another WIP-of-shame”

  1. Piquita says:

    Dude. I need one of these. Love the color.

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