Teacher’s pet

Another dog from the wonderful Best In Show. This time the younger son came home and announced that he wanted to give his teacher a knitted golden retriever as a thank-you present. She was the best teacher he’d ever had, she loves her golden retrievers and misses them very much since they’re back in Australia. So I must knit one.

The book doesn’t have a golden retriever pattern but there’s a labrador, which is a similar shape, and lots of furry dogs to provide retriever type touches. So Ollie (as I discover he is named) is a composite, or mongrel if you will. Mostly labrador, he has inherited leg and tummy fur and his entire tail from his collie ancestry. There’s also a smidge of dachshund in the floppiness and shape of the ears.

The legs are overstuffed because I couldn’t remember where I’d put the pipe cleaners and I was worried the poor thing would buckle at the knees. I brushed up the body with a wire pet brush to enhance the furryness, particularly on the legs and tummy.

The resident canine seemed oblivious at first but then rather annoyed by the interloper. Good thing Ollie went to his new home soon after completion. (If you click on the photo above there’s a slideshow of the deterioration of their relationship.)

3 Comments on “Teacher’s pet”

  1. Fantastic! You should enter him into the online dog show at the Best in Show website –  http://www.knityourowndog.com.


  2. […] floppyness of ear by making a shortened version of the dachshund’s. He is blogged about here: https://skyfishknits.wordpress.com/2011/07/22/teachers-pet/ and there is a little photoset of him with my own dog here: […]

  3. friendandfaux says:

    Don’t you love the patterns in “The Best in Show” book, a great starting place even if they don’t have your breed.
    BTW Welcome to the Best in Show Winner’s Circle from Sadie and Me!
    There’s now a Kees, a Newf, and an Ollie.

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