Sleep easy no matter how huge your stash

I’ve spent a long time today reading about the physical and chemical properties of wool which, to be clear, is “the fibrous protein derived from the specialised skin cells called follicles in SHEEP”. Not any other sort of creature. Only the ovine.

I knew about the climate-control aspect of the stuff – it “breathes”, absorbing moisture and releasing it into the air – but I didn’t realise it’s naturally fire retardant and that its static resistance (because of the moisture-absorbing nature of the fibres) means it doesn’t get dirty! Well, not as dirty as other fabrics. So it needs cleaning less often. And it doesn’t retain or promote body odour because the “breathing out” of moisture combined with naturally anti-bacterial properties of the fibres inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Now, although I already have a wool blanket on my mattress and a wool hap blanket (made by me, of course) on top of the bedding in winter, I have suddenly discovered a pressing need for a wool-filled duvet:

Wool has unique attributes, which give it superior performance to other fibres in a number of ways. Our bodies continually produce heat at a rate dependant on our activity level, this heat must be dissipated to the surroundings in the form of perspiration, at the same rate at which it is produced, to keep the body temperature constant. When used in bedding wool creates a microclimate that assists in regulating body temperature and humidity. Several studies examining and comparing the performance of wool blankets have consistently shown that in hot and cold conditions wool provides comfort and a more restful sleep than any other fibre type.

But actually I have no need to buy such a thing. All I need do is get an old duvet cover, sew lines down it lengthways to divide it into “tubes” which have access from the poppered opening end and insert balls and skeins of wool from my stash into each tubular compartment. Hey presto! Instant sleeping and stash-storage device in one. More balls for a winter-weight comforter, fewer for summer. Pillows can be produced in this way too. I could have, for instance, a dk pillow, a 4ply pillow and an aran duvet.

Yes. I think this has serious potential.

2 Comments on “Sleep easy no matter how huge your stash”

  1. Ivy says:

    *gears start churning* *ping!*

  2. rr says:

    Heh. Why is it that your comment makes me think it’s the soundtrack to a Heath Robinson device.

    Yes, I admit it, it might well be rather lumpy if it were composed of balls and skeins. Do you think this might be the the ultimate motivating factor that would get me started on spinning? Because were the filling to be batts, like Pica’s for instance, a more even distribution of insulating material might be achieved.

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