Wool don’t get much more 100%

…than when in the process of being parted from the sheep.

I thought I’d blogged about this, but apparently not (or at least a cursory search doesn’t reveal anything). It’s a sheep being shorn at a sheep-to-shawl event at Vauxhall City Farm in May last year. Anyway, although the comparison is somewhat pretentious, I love the way the sheep looks as though she is being carved from an enclosing medium like, well, Michelangelo’s slaves. Also the pinkness of the skin. And that’s one hell of an expressive gaze.

It’s not a very satisfactory picture – conditions were cramped, we arrived late and there were lots of people crowded around. This, an electric clipping, was the second of two; we altogether missed the first of a Wensleydale with hand shears. Dammit! The rest of the set, for what they’re worth, can be seen here.

I’m submitting this to the Wovember picture gallery where, I was delighted to see, there is among the many wonderful images a picture of a sheep being hand shorn.

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