Nearly missed it, been tending the sick. Here’s a quick sad sheep:

although it looks somewhat (and delightfully) pig-like around the snout to me. There is no mistaking that fat tail though. Unless, of course… No. Consider it not. This is Victorian funerary statuary we’re talking about.

And here’s a quick link to wikipedia’s entry on sheep in religion and folklore, the only thing I could find at short notice that wasn’t almost entirely confined to Christianity.

Feeble effort, I know. I apologise.

3 Comments on “Oops”

  1. Dave says:

    This is simply unacceptable. You must blog better!

    Actually, this was a fun post… not least because your link led me to another Wikipedia page on the ancient Turkish settlement of Çatalhöyük, which sounds intriguingly hive-like.

  2. Fire Bird says:

    hope the sick are recovering… I like the snouty sheep – for a really feeble post see over at my place…

  3. rr says:

    Oh TG, this sounds very very wearing. I hope your comment was left after a long night of deep, restful, honeyed sleep.

    Dave – BEES! That civilisation does look awesome, but I could find no mention of sheep beyond the fact of their domestication. Reports of their deification appear to have been much exaggerated. I wonder where they kept their dogs.

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