The ballad of the lover of pure wool

When searching out top quality
Do not assume integrity
Upon the part of any label –
They will deceive if they are able.

The current rules permit such lies
Regarding WOOL it quite defies
The logic of the legislation
That governs all alimentation

(And suchlike products) where the list
Of all constituents has first
The greatest present in the mix
Then, ordered, down to almost nix.

Whereas the product labelled “butter”
Must come entirely from the udder
Of a cow, something described as “WOOL”
Need have no ovine part at all.

Beware! that tempting fashion garment
Claiming cachet of pure WOOL raiment
May be made of something that could
Be left over from fracking crude.

WOOL deserves correct description
You can help – sign the petition:
Enshrine in law once and for all
There is no substitute for WOOL.

(See this post for the antecedents of this particular poetic form)


2 Comments on “The ballad of the lover of pure wool”

  1. Joanne says:


    This poem is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you. As is Wovember…!

  2. rr says:

    Thank you very much Joanne! I’m enjoying Wovember very much, and hope changes arise from the campaign.

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