Anti-static slip cover

Entirely wool, 100%. Crocheted buttons too. The Karakul softened up beautifully after a soak in water with a dash of hair conditioner.


2 Comments on “Anti-static slip cover”

  1. Fire Bird says:

    cool! but hiding itself rather coyly in your satchel (is it a satchel?)

    • rr says:

      It is a satchel. And yes, I’m aware of the irony. In my youth I would not have been seen dead with such a thing if I could possibly have helped it, but fast forward several decades and ebay was my friend in satisfying a sudden, burning retro desire. It’s a genuine second hand school satchel complete with small patches of glitter glue in the interior. I love it. Exactly the right size for one of every essential, including the iPad obviously. Ideal for cycling. Waterproof. Etc. But the iPad needed a cover to prevent possible scratches and this seemed a cheap and practical answer. B1 thinks it’s really cool! (So it must be, of course.)

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