Hat too

Well I’m powering through the 100% (mostly) UK-sheep-wool projects. Hat the first is complete. I like it, and it only used half the skein.

It took some time to find a pattern in aran weight which seemed to compliment it for the second skein of wool, chosen by the other of the duo, for the hat too. It had, you see, to have both twisted stitches and some form of cabling. But not to be identical. The answer was ultimately obvious – koolhaas. So I’ve balled the skein, packed my needles and a very large box of tissues (cold continues its tedious assault unabated) and am about to venture into the night to a meeting, and to cast on.

Meanwhile, since this post isn’t entirely riveting, I heartily recommend the posts at wovember. Yesterday‘s is by the author of a book close to fellow knitter Pica‘s heart and concerns endangered species.

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