Tree texture

I’m so excited I have to post the phonotypes on my way home. Think the oldest tree(s) in Kew Gardens, think bark, think texture and pattern…


And now add wool…


…which, gloriously, appropriately, rejoices in the colour name “bark” and you have a conjunction made in heaven. IMHO.

Many reference pictures were taken. Graph paper has been acquired. Pencils have been sharpened. Oh, and measurements are in hand. Tension square still required. More later (I hope).

ETA: There’s a little slideshow here, with some general trunkiness and a few close-ups of barkiness. They twist up out of the ground like inverted drill-bits. Trunk-torque. Considerable thought will now have to be given to how best convey at least something of the character in knitted form.

One Comment on “Tree texture”

  1. […] enjoying as I labour on with the paternal socks (25% done, an annoying distraction from the bark), He Shall Thunder in the Sky by Elizabeth Peters… At least I had pressed upon him a parcel […]

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