Less than a week to go

Not that it hasn’t been fun, of course, but launching on 31 days of woolliness without aforethought has lead to some less than scintillating moments. Of which this is another. However Pepys wasn’t off put by banality so neither shall I be.

Rose late. Weather dull. Did knit some more of my swatch. Did watch Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Rings with the spawn, and did marvel anew at the elven cloaks.

Yes! they’re wool!

The special fabric used to make the Magic Elven cloaks was woven locally in New Zealand by Stansborough Fibres. They grow their own unique naturally grey wool at their farm just north of Wellington. These rare and unusual grey ‘Stansborough Gotland’ sheep, are the only flock of their kind in the world and produce fibre which is strong, soft and lustrous. Perfect for weaving designer fabrics….

The beautiful weave, soft silky texture, natural hues and its ability to warm, despite its lightweight feel, exactly match the description given by Tolkien.

And so to bed.

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