The beauty of intimacy

 The beauty of intimacy is a self-evident truth for knitters as it is for anyone who is making everyday objects by hand and who uses them.

From A Knitter’s Manifesto by Brenda Dayne and Dr Felicity Ford (available for download on iTunes, amongst other outlets).

This shiny bag of awesomeness came through the letterbox (and fortunately escaped ritual killing by the dog) as an utterly disproportionately huge thank-you for something entirely enjoyable.

Back in May I went along to the Prick Your Finger yarn shop / art gallery to take part in Felicity Ford’s KNITSONIC residency, part of the result of which can be heard here.

Avid knitter and former radio journalist (that would be me) given the chance to take part in an exploration of any and all sonic aspects of WOOL and knitting… just try to stop me! In fact despite losing my money and travel card at the beginning of the journey I still made my way across London having persuaded a passing charity collector to give me funds.

shiny packet of awesomeness, reverse, snow day

So enthusiastic was I that I practically had to be removed with crowbar having monopolised the mic with endless tales of this and that, the other, and skein-winding. Also stitch-counting. All of which was patiently recorded.

popshield, needles, cans

It was a total blast, and there was cake. Not long after Felicity asked if she could use the audio of stitch-counting in another project. Sure thing, I said, what fun, and thought little more of it, until this wonderful pack of pleasure arrived.


Not only a hand-printed copy of the CD itself but also all sorts of ancillary “ephemera” related to various of the tracks, all also hand-made by the artists.

flake disc button

There is something unique and transformative about wool. I have, I know, tended to conflate wool and the use to which I most frequently put it, knitting, which can undeniably be undertaken using any single fibre be it made of animal, vegetable or mineral.

But wool is the ur thread. It’s heartening to see the passion and creativity it evokes at all stages of its production and use. Fascinating to delve into the history, science and culture. Inspiring to hope what current trends may represent for the future of manufacture and consumption. But above all there’s the warmth and generosity.

Thank you, team Wovember, for a wild and woolly month!

2 Comments on “The beauty of intimacy”

  1. I am really happy that the package reached you and that you enjoyed all the Knitter’s Manifesto ephemera! Your own Wovember posts have been amazing, thank you for embracing the concept and writing so many interesting and inspiring things about WOOL this month. Very touched that you did such a nice write-up of mine and Brenda’s CD. I made a sounds of wool piece for this month’s Cast On, so it all links up…

    • frizzyLogic says:

      I’d driven myself into a dark corner of deep guilt by not thanking you earlier. What a gift – small things of great beauty bringing huge happiness 🙂

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