Not moth proof :-((((

Moth. Clothes moth. Tineola bisselliella. Call it what you will, it’s a complete fu*k pig, and it ate through my yarn. I’m far too familiar with the signs – the slight stickiness around the chewed edges, the white deposit (moth shit?) – not to feel my heart hit my ankles with a huge thud.

Additional annoyance is provided by the fact that I didn’t notice the damage until half way through knitting the ball since the chomped area was under the ball band and I always pull from the centre. GRRRRRRRR.

In terms of the knitting, it means I’ve lost a few meters of wool. Not mission critical probably. Also I blithely knitted past a half-chewed section which, when I came to the next round, collapsed under the strain. So I had to perform running repairs on the row below, undoing several stitches either side of the yarn-fail and knitting in a short section of un-chewed yarn. More ends to darn in. Bah. Annoying, but also not mission critical.

But where and when did the vile pest attack the ball? Because that’s really very important to know. It (the ball) arrived in this house on 23 July in an opened plastic bag with eight other balls from the supplier. None of the others appears to have been snacked on.

So is there/are there clothes moth larvae in my house? poised to chomp through my clothes and stash? or are they elsewhere and I’m just reaping the results rather than the pestiferous crop? Obviously I’m hoping the former.


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