He always finds it

cat on a not mat

In fact I think he lies in wait until some careless child leaves the door open for more than a nanosecond and he slides past, silent and invisible. Thank goodness he didn't chew the needles. Those luscious (and expensive) wooden points used to be more desirable than catnip to him.

The knitting is now off the needles, apart from the front bands.

I currently have a delightful jumper which fits like a glove widthways but is slightly longer than I'd hoped.

The colour work is effectively invisible other than in a very strong light, but when examined under optimum conditions doesn't look too shabby.

There's only 40cm left of the last ball of green wool the pattern said is required. Luckily I bought an extra one so should have enough for the front bands.

The front bands, of course, have to be knitted on after the front of the jumper is cut up the middle to turn it into a cardigan.

I have never taken scissors to knitting in this way before.

I am apprehensive.


2 Comments on “He always finds it”

  1. lucy B says:

    The big downer with a steek is that the yarn can’t be reknitted as easily….frugal me.

    • frizzyLogic says:

      You have a point there. However this yarn felts even if you just look at it. I know this because I had to undo the collar cast-off and after only a few minutes of having been worked the stitches had already begun to hook together in ways which made unravelling them quite a challenge.

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